Solar power can be defined as solar radiation mechanical energy. Even though solar power comprises just a small part of the global energy output, many countries use large quantities of solar energy. The United States and China are among the leaders in solar power installation overall. Germany, on the other hand, has the lowest usage of solar power.   

 A variety of methods are used to take advantage of the sun’s light and use it to produce electricity. The use of solar panels and photovoltaic cells can be used to heat domestic water and power up different household appliances.   

 The Methods of Generating Solar Power  

 There are different methods of collecting solar energy in order to take advantage of the sun’s energy to produce electricity. There will be no burning of coal to create electricity, like in the case of nuclear and fossil fuel power plants. Even so, there are different methods of absorbing sunlight.   

 The two common methods are solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. Solar thermal panels are generally less complicated, photovoltaic cells are more useful when it comes to the direct conversion of solar energy into electricity.   

 What are Photovoltaic Cells?  

 Photovoltaic cells create a slight current due to the photovoltaic effect when sunlight hits. Unlike some steam power plants, photovoltaic cells directly harness solar power by transforming the sun’s energy into electrical power. The majority of these cells consist of silicon semiconductors that interact with each other to general electrical current with the help of the photons. These cells are placed inside solar panels and directed towards the sun. To generate electricity, these panels are placed on the roof. To produce large amounts of electricity, like in the case of solar farms, many solar panels are placed in an array.  

 Solar Thermal Power   

These cells directly turn the sun’s energy into electricity, solar thermal power doesn’t. Solar power panels are like power plants that use the sun’s energy to heat fluids at high temperatures. It then passes the heat to water, and then it overheats the steam. Such steam will then be used to drive the turbines of the power plants. The generator converts mechanical energy into electrical power.  

 The use of solar thermal power is concentrated on businesses and industrial areas. For homes, the photovoltaic cells are used instead. If you prefer to install this in your home, then you have to call the experts and seek their assistance.   

 Solar Power Experts   

 There are many experts in solar power that can help you in choosing which type of system is best for your home. Whether or not you want to install any of these, you still have to know more about solar energy if only to understand if it is a viable source of energy in your locality.    

 If you are decided to use solar energy as an alternative power source, then you should be ready to make the investment. Don’t worry. Every money you spend on your solar energy system will be all worth it. The system will pay off its own in time.